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Our Vision

Create a culture of pastors, leaders, healthy churches that will grow, multiply, and reproduce in agreement with God’s purpose.

Our Mission

To help pastors develop a plan for personal and ministerial growth through leadership, coaching, and mentoring resources.


  • They believe that the Pastoral ministry has negatively affected their family. 80% 80%
  • They accept having had at least one very strong emotional crisis in their ministry. 75% 75%
  • They feel that they were not adequately trained to respond to the demands of the Church. 90% 90%
  • They report conflicts with members of their Church once a week. 41% 41%
  • They confess to having been involved in sexual misconduct with someone in the Church. 37% 37%
  • They do not have someone they consider a true friend. 37% 37%
  • They do not have someone they consider a true friend. 70% 70%
  • Less than one percent of the Latino community in Austin say they visit or attend an evangelical church. 1% 1%

Some of the Resources and

Materials that will be shared.

We are Certified

Certified by the John Maxwell Team, we will also be sharing resources from The Global Leadership Summit. Our purpose is to create a healthy and growing leadership culture that replicates and multiplies.

This ministry is designed to work alongside pastors, their organizations, and alliances. Our desire is to be more efficient in the work of the Kingdom of God. By working as a team and strengthening inter-pastoral leadership relationships.


This agreement is yearly. To see extraordinary results and change the culture of your ministry we recommend a period of two consecutive years. Remember that to grow as a leader you do not grow overnight, nor is it an event but a lifelong process.

You will receive coaching and training to develop your leadership.

  • The latest and most up-to-date resources for the healthy growth of Pastor and your church leadership.
  • Equipment and training to develop your leadership and team.
  • Mentoring and coaching to help you discover your potential and how to

develop it to the fullest.

  • We provide access to an online platform with more resources to


  • Access to phone calls where you will receive follow-up and we will answer

any questions.

  • The privilege of being part of a special group of friends called Pastors of Covenant.


The Participant

The Participant will receive a certificate from the team of John C. Maxwell and Healthy Pastors Grow with each course. We believe that the transformation and growth of the church begins with the pastor and his family. To accelerate this process each year we organize a retreat for the pastoral couple, and their leadership team. This ministry is designed to come alongside the pastor and his church to help him establish a process and realize his vision.


Once a year a Retreat will be organized for Pastors and their wives, in addition a conference for Leaders and Pastors will be organized once a year.


** Annual retreats and conferences are not included in the monthly membership.

Resources and Materials we provide

  • How To Be A R.E.A.L. Success
  • The 15 Necessary Laws of Growth.
  • The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.
  • Live Your Dream!
  • Leadership, Golden Principles.
  • Living Intentionally
  • The 17 Unquestionable Laws Of Teamwork
  • Develop the Leader that is in you 2.0
  • Sometimes You Win – Sometimes.
  • Learn to be a Person of Influence
  • Develop Leaders Who Surround You.
  • Resources from the Global Leadership Summit.

Through the experience and surveys we have done, they show us that most churches do not have an infrastructure and system of training and equipment for the development of their leadership. We believe that if the Pastor and the leaders grow as a team, the Church of Jesus Christ becomes the hope and solution for the world. When the leader grows everyone improves.

Dr. Abraham C. Perez, Pastor

Dr. Abraham C. Perez was born on June 3, 1966 in Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico. In 1976 he and his family migrated to the United States. He married the love of his life, Carmen, in 1989. He has three beloved, now adult, children; Candice Marie, Joseph, and Esmeralda. Dr. Abraham has served as the Senior Pastor of Austin Reconciliation Church since 1995; is the co-founder of the Austin Latin Ministerial Alliance, ALMA, where he served as president for 4 terms; serves on the board of Christ Together Greater Austin; is the Regional Director for the Spanish Global Leadership Summit in Austin; founded the ministry Healthy Pastors Grow and is a Certified Speaker, Mentor, Coach and Executive Director on the John C Maxwell Team.

“My prayer is that together we may establish the kingdom of God through the Church of Jesus Christ. Our passion is to fulfill God’s Purpose (John 17: 20-26, Matthew 28: 18-20, John 15: 12-17, Matthew 6: 9-15). Our goal is to serve the Church and help the pastor and his leadership discover and develop their full potential to fulfill God’s vision and purpose of winning souls and making disciples of Christ in all nations.”
– Dr. Abraham C. Perez